Matthew Stevens Research

Dewey’s Concept of ‘Inquiry’ and ‘Experimental Learning’

Dewey’s future-oriented and experimental concept of learning serves as a comprehensive and contemporary theory of learning that emphasises creativity and innovation. This leads to a greater need to educate for… read more »

The Concept of ‘Knowledge’ in Pragmatism

According to Neuropragmatist John Shook, Knowledge is the result of experimental problem solving. The epistemic criteria for knowledge is the technological test of practicality. Scientific knowledge is continuous with technology… read more »

Map of Learning and Knowledge Theories

A rough map/genealogy of possible learning theories, approaches, models and epistemologies to be reviewed that may inform this research.

The Concept of ‘Experience’ in Pragmatism

August 25, 2015

A theory of learning for the future advocates the teaching of a preparedness to respond in a creative way to difference and otherness. John Dewey’s pragmatism holds the key to… read more »

Dissolving the Walls Overview

August 5, 2015

‘Dissolving the Walls’ is a doctoral research project investigating the possibilities for learning within creative technology domains in an open and connected world. In particular, it will take a ‘Pragmatic’… read more »

Background and Research Question

August 5, 2015

The formulation of the business of the philiosophy of education does not mean that the latter should attempt to bring about a compromise between opposed schools of thought, to find… read more »