Matthew Stevens Research


I am a teacher, or perhaps more accurately, a learning facilitator of Web and Interactive Design & Development at Media Design School (MDS) in Auckland, New Zealand, where I teach on the Graduate Diploma of Creative Technologies programme.

Dissolving the Walls

I have recently enrolled in the PhD programme at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) where my research project, ‘Dissolving the Walls’ is an investigation into the possibilities for the teaching and learning of creative technologies in an open and connected world. This project follows on from my earlier research on agile learning, ‘A Proposal for an Agile Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Creative Technologies’ (Stevens, 2013).

An Open Doctorate

In addition to this, I am also involved with another project, ‘Open Doctorates’ which looks at the possibilities of applying an ‘Open Research’ approach to doctoral research. In keeping with this, the main purpose of this blog is to openly share my research, thoughts and musings with whoever might be interested and openly invite your feedback, comments and contributions. Please feel free to use anything you find useful or interesting on this site for your own purposes.


As well encouraging your feedback and contributions through writing comments on this blog, please feel free to contact me directly by email:


Stevens, M. S. (2013). A Proposal for an Agile Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Creative Technologies (Honors dissertaion). Retrieved from