Matthew Stevens Research

Agile Learning

My earlier research, ‘A Proposal for an Agile Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Creative Technologies’ (Stevens, 2013) seeks to solve the problem of aquiring knowledge and skills in rapidly changing and fracturing creative technology domains. Within these domains, current knowledge is continually emerging and evolving from the interactions between domain practitioners, rather than residing within the learning institutions or ‘expert’ teachers. The role and purpose of the teacher becomes to introduce and connect learners to the wider domain of practice. This might involve connecting learners to mentors, practitioners, open resources, and each other through a combination of open web technologies and traditional face-to-face contact but placing the learner at the center of their own learning ‘network’ of connections as the pro-active agent.


Emerging technologies, in particular the internet and connected devices, have contributed to an abundance of open and easily accessible information and learning resources. As well as openness, they have also enabled connectedness and the sharing of knowledge between practitioners and knowers, accelerating the rapid evolution of current knowledge. Furthermore, within the creative technologies domain, the current domain knowledge and the technology are continually redefining and co-creating each other.

This research investigates the teaching and learning of creative technologies. It firstly
‘finds out’ about the real-world ‘problem situation’, identifying the problems and limitations with traditional approaches, the rapidly changing nature of creative technologies and abundant open learning resources. It then examines alternative learning approaches and proposes conceptual improvements in the form of an ‘agile learning approach’. The agile approach seeks to integrate open resources and emerging technologies as a way of enabling individualised curricula and both independent and collaborative learning. Finally, the agile approach is applied to a proposal for changes to a real-world graduate diploma course.


Agile, Creative Technologies, Agile Learning, Soft Systems Methodology, Constructivism, Andragogy, Heutagogy, Rhizomatic Learning, Action Learning, Self-organising Learning Environments


Stevens, M. S. (2013). A proposal for an agile approach to the teaching and learning of creative technologies (Honors dissertation). Retrieved from